Best Neighborhoods for Retirement in Las Vegas

It goes without saying that the retirement age is viewed as the point in time where you get to pamper yourself after years of labor in a variety of jobs and career paths. This means that not only do you have to amass the necessary funds to live a comfortable retirement life; you also need to choose a good retirement location that can serve your needs well. At the end of the day, the location in which you reside during retirement is dependent on the type of retirement program which you might have embarked on at the beginning but even with that, the city of Las Vegas is still a place that provides veritable options to retirees from all ends.

Your former job might have been as a hot shot investment banker in a leading firm or as a mid-level manager in a good company but these things sometimes do not matter especially in a city like Las Vegas where property taxes are low and citizens enjoy a lot of benefits. The good thing about Las Vegas is that there would always be a neighborhood or community at hand to realize any retirement dreams within the region.

Making reference to what has said above about the retirement package being what you have after years of hard work and it has a say in the location of the retirement home, be sure to choose one that not only fits your budget but also satisfies your needs. The city of Las Vegas has a great pool of good neighborhoods to choose from when selecting a location and in the event of you considering the Vegas region; here are a few neighborhoods to look at:


Summerlin, a luxurious community, offers a lot to retirees and it is known for its gated developments complete with high-end amenities. Any retiree looking for a place to not only enjoy outdoor activities like golfing and tennis but to have a good social life and dining options would find that the Summerlin neighborhood is a great place for that. The population of the community is over 119,000 and a good 36,000 of the citizens there are of the retirement age. These luxury homes in Las Vegas, with a great location and wonderful amenities, often serve as home to wealthy families and happy retirees enjoying the good life.

Spring Valley

This beautiful district has a lot to offer from sprawling mansions to beautiful shopping centers and entertainment galleries, this neighborhood on the southwest of Las Vegas boasts of low crime rate, affordable housing and residents who have a strong sense of community. This also happens to be a hotspot for retirees looking for a place to live out their golden years amid similar individuals.

The City of Henderson

This can be said to be amongst the safest neighborhoods the city of Las Vegas has to offer. It has a host of amenities to offer with affordable housing options. Residents here range from the 30s to 65s. The Las Vegas suburb offers a lot in terms of sporting activities like tennis and golf. Socializing can also take place in the many country clubs there.


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