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We are a national news site dedicated to collecting and reporting on stories and news in the mortgage industry.

We were set up to act as a resource for everyone who is involved, from a professional level, to of course, home buyers and sellers.

Our site started off life as a real life paper publication in 1999 and switched to a fully digital version in 2010.

Now we reach around 10,000 people every month and have an ever growing number of subscribers.

To make sure you stay ahead, get our newsletter wired to your email each month. Once you are subscribed, you gain access to our archived issues and a whole wealth of information.

We conduct regular surveys amongst the professionals in the area. We interview directors, CEOs, mortgage brokers, lenders and regulators. We publish data and statistics constantly on our website and have been cited as a source by many industry professionals as well as quoted in both national and specialist publications.

We are constantly striving for journalistic excellence and always on the look-out for news stories that we can delve into.

Reporting what happens is only one part of what we do, though. We also provide comment and analysis of what is going on around us. We ask the experts for their opinions and views of the news and like nothing better than sparking a debate.

If you like your news informed, with all the latest graphics, facts and figures and to be kept up-to-date, you have come to the right site. But we are not all just about the numbers.

Ultimately, mortgages and house buying is about people and homes. We want to put the personal into all the concrete and sometimes rather dry facts and figures.

As mentioned, we love to swap opinions and welcome a lively debate. Follow us on Twitter if you want to get involved and join the conversation today!

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