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Is Buying a Luxury Real Estate Property Worth It?

Many financial experts agree that investing in real estate is safer and less volatile than say, stocks or foreign exchange. It also appeals to many investors because the transactions are easy to learn and doesn’t eat a lot of their time. Normally, the investors would only hire a real estate agent to take care of most of the processes while they devote their time to other important matters such as family and business.  

In general, many financial advisors agree that buying a luxury real estate in Hillsborough is a good investment. However, the investor needs to arm himself with the technical knowledge to interpret the market trends correctly. He needs to work together with his realtor, accountant and fund manager to make a smart buy.  If they will study the right price and the timing of buying a luxury real, it can prove to be very profitable in the end.   

Another factor that creates a risk for the investor in the luxury real estate is the long-term volatility of the property. Even though the demand and supply don’t change as frequently as other investment portfolios when it does it goes to the extreme. The housing market is susceptible to steeper ups and downs compared with other forms of investment. For this reason, a luxury buyer is being advised not to pour all of his wealth into a real estate only. He needs to diversify his investment options so that he will still have other sources of income in case the housing market condition is under the weather. 

Another way to lessen the risk of losing is to determine your purpose for buying a property. Do you want to be a low to medium risk taker or you are an aggressive buyer? If you are a risk-average buyer, you don’t mind keeping the property for a long time before selling it for a higher price. While waiting for the perfect timing for its market value to appreciate, you can have the property rented out if you are not going to live on it. This may not be enough to get your ROI right away but at least you are receiving a passive income on a regular basis.  

If you want to be an aggressive investor, you really need to partner with a realtor who has an extensive knowledge and experience in doing this type of investment. Aggressive buying and selling can be very profitable when done correctly in the right market condition. In this case, perfect timing is the key.   

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